Binghamton University Art & Design

May 9, 2019

Project 4: UX Design

For this project, I teamed up with 4 of my classmates to redesign the Binghamton University's Art and Design Website. Our design we came up with seeks to ease the experience of many different users through consolidating information and decreasing unncessary pages, users have to navigate through to find their information. Wire frames, user flows, journey maps, and surveys were all conducted to make sure we had a comprehensive evaluation of the website we were trying to achieve. We were able to find the problems we saw, and produce a refined, UX design that focus on functionality without sacrificing aesthetic value. Click the link to view the full presentation! UX Design

April 2, 2019

Project 3: News Illustrations

For this illustration I interpreted the recent Russian probe on special counsel Robert Mueller. I chose this article because it has been one of the biggest scandals of 2019 for the Whitehouse. My interpretation of this news article is I chose a man holding binoculars, and in the lens I put the Russian flag and a voting box. This is to symoblize the fact that we, the U.S.A, is now keeping a close eye on what went down in the 2016 Presidential election. In our search for the truth we are closely investigating everything that occured during that time.

For this illustration I chose to write about a scientfic discovery on using green plant energy to fuel electricity. I think its awesome that we have finally reached a point in time where we are finding news sources of energy that are better for our enviroment. I interpreted this article by creating a simple plant connected to a desk lamp flooding the page with light.

The third article is the recent College admissions scandal, where parents were bribing school officals such as coaches to let their children in as fake recruits. In my illustration I interpreted this article through illustrating the exchanging of hands. You can see the sleeve of a wealthy man exchanging money with a college coach, as seen through the whistle.

February 14th, 2019

Project 2: Personal Icon

For this project we had to devlop a clean icon that represents you as a designer. I chose a bee for "Busy Bee". I feel like I am always running back and forth balancing different projects and tasks, that I am similar to a bee buzzing around during the Spring. I added my initials to the wings for a more personal touch.

February 14th, 2019

Project 1: Welcome to China!

"Wecome to China", is a postcard that showcases modern day China, more specfically Shanghai, with a twist. The postcard also encompases the traditional roots of China through structures built during the Ming Dynasty. These traditional buildings seen the in the postcard can still be visited today at the "Forbidden City". China's pride and joy, the panda is also showcased in this postcard. This all rests on the outside of a snowglobe to give it a touristy feel.